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Today's silly thought

I had a silly thought earlier today: is it possible to burn a DVD containing Red Book audio (i.e. the same format as a audio CD would have, not the DVD-Audio format)? And if such a thing is possible, would my DVD player be able to understand it?

Well, I've got a stack of blank DVD-Rs gathering dust, so why not experiment and sacrifice a few FOR SCIENCE!

There is actually a reason behind this beyond idle curiosity: now that I've got the NAD amplifier hooked up, I've taken to using it whenever I'm doing something in the living room or kitchen (which is really just an extension of the living room in this flat). I do have a decent collection of music on CD, but I've also got a lot more music on the PC (mainly a mix of freely available albums and module-based music). And yes, I could easily (and have done with some) burn them to CD, but if this is all possible then I can fit a lot more music on each disc.

Anyway, time for SCIENCE!

Unfortunately the results are inconclusive. Out of all the various bits and pieces of software I've got, the only thing that came close to success was PlexTools, and that hit an error part-way through burning the second track (it wouldn't let me directly burn the disc either, but did let me create a DVD-sized audio CD image and then try to burn that). Everything else either claimed there wasn't enough space, or flatly refused to write to a DVD. I have a feeling that while this may be theoretically possible, I'm unlikely to find any software that will actually do this because in practice you'd use the official DVD-specific audio format which is completely different to CD audio.

Ah well, there's always plan B: burn a data DVD containing my music in a high-bitrate MP3 format (which the DVD player can definitely understand). But where's the fun in that?

Or I could go for plan C:

<Tros> Optical shtuff?
<Tros> Why not USB ;D?
<stijn> so 1930
<stijn> connect them!
<stijn> I was thinking, soundsystem---pi---[NETWORK]---PC
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