Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Skyward Sword 2013: onwards to temple 2

Okay, so the previous post is probably a bit too short to really count, especially given the multi-paragraph epics that talismancer is writing. Though he does have the advantage of having written them several months in advance. Anyway...

Interesting discovery: if you bash a marauding Remlit (these being the cat-like things that purr at you during the day and nibble you to death at night) with your shield, you knock it onto its back. It then just lies there pawing the air and looking rather dizzy. It's actually rather cute in a way.

Anyway, onwards to temple 2. Again Hero Mode works out as it means that I can head down to the surface with not the basic Iron Shield but a Reinforced one, and so far I've not run into anything particularly nasty. Though I do need to pay a little more attention to the blast radius of bomb flowers. I did remember my last playthrough and so fed the giant Red Chuchu from a safe distance, but later on I missed that only one bomb flower went off out of the pair I threw at one of those lizards that hides inside giant bone things, and the second one went up just as I was running past it to grab a rupee. Being Hero Mode, that's two hearts gone (ouch!).

There was one amusing moment on the way to the temple, where you meet a Bokoblin with a horn who summons two more. I whacked it and one of its friends with a skyward strike each, at which point the remaining one lost interest in me and walked away. AI stupidity for the win!
Tags: nablopomo, skyward sword, zelda

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