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Skyward Sword 2013 playthrough: temple 1 complete

Posted today because otherwise talismancer will snark about today's filler. Let's see who can achieve more posts, shall we?

I've completed the first temple with only taking three hits from Ghirahim, which I'm pretty sure is an improvement on last time. Though in Hero Mode, three hits is all of the six hearts you start with. Good job I had that potion, and good thing there's a heart container as my reward!

I also managed the battle without him swiping my sword and throwing it at me, which is an incredibly unhelpful thing for a boss to do to you (rather like Ocarina of Time's Dark Link's trick of jumping on your sword if you try to stab him). He did rather seem to soak up damage though - I'm generally noticing that the enemies in Skyward Sword can take a lot more punishment than in previous game. Then again, Link can get a lot more hits in so it probably all evens out.

Anyway, the battle served to delay Ghirahim enough that instead of doing the smart thing and grabbing Zelda there and then he now has to head off to Eldin to find her, and I have to follow via a longer route. One does wonder just how smart the average Zelda boss really is...
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