Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Fireworks FAIL

I've said it before, but one of the really nice things about this flat is the balcony, and the random fireworks I get to watch from it. I could see what, seven or so different displays from here: some from HMS Sultan's display, the odd firework from a couple of back-garden ones, the glows on the sky and the lights just visible through trees of some more, and even a couple of the higher-flying ones from what must be a good two miles down towards Gosport.

And the closest one, launched from one of the marinas in Fareham Creek. Which went rather well right up to what was presumably the grand finale - one of those large explosions that fires out a cloud of smaller sparkling explosions - which instead of exploding up in the sky, went off at approximately sea level. From my viewpoint up in my balcony about a quarter of a mile away it looked rather pretty with the reflections in the water, though I doubt any of the nearby yacht owners would have been pleased by it!
Tags: fireworks, nablopomo

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