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Partial success

Partial success. So far I've: fitted the handle to the Pax wardrobe door, constructed a Benno CD tower (including cutting about an inch off the back to fit over the skirting), and moved an existing Billy bookcase all of 2cm to be able to fit the Benno next to it. Which required emptying it, unscrewing it from the wall, cutting a bit more out of the back panel to fit around the mains socket, moving it back into place, screwing it back to the wall, and refilling it. Actually I've not done the last, as I'd only have to empty it again to fit the door and anchor the Benno to it.

Still to do: anchoring the Benno to the Billy (I intend to drill a couple of holes through the sides of both and use a sort of screw/sleeve fastener that came with the Pax), fixing a door to that Billy, putting together another bookcase, and then working out what to do with the LED light strips that I went "ooh, shiny!" at. I'm going to put them in that Billy, but where? Should I put them vertically at the front, or horizontally underneath the front of the shelves? Do I have to move or cut any of the shelves to fit them? What about trimming the LED strips, is that even possible? Or what about putting them on the inside of the door frame?

Decisions, decisions.

But it's getting late and I need to go to Sainsbury's, so all this can wait until tomorrow. Or perhaps when I get back from work Monday, if I decide to head out and enjoy the sun tomorrow.

Huh, I've just realised that I've posted more today than in the whole of last month. Of course this won't last :)
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