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The mage (part 3)

My sister, music4asoul has dared me to a) summon Bob and b) keep it serious. Piece of cake.

The sphere of air solidified and darkened, with the forms inside becoming clearer. The mage stared at it, waiting for the creature he wanted.

As the spirits inside it changed and flowed from one form to another, he suddenly thrust his staff in. Calling out in an ancient mystical tounge, he summoned the Beast of Bodmin.

The sphere contracted, deforming into the shape of a large cat-like creature. The air blurred, and then was still.

The beast landed softly on the castletop, and gazed up intelligently at its master, waiting patiently for the command.

The mage turned back to the other tower.

"He is there. He must be destroyed. Go! I command you!"

The black catlike creature shimmered for a moment, before vanishing.

Inside the tower, the mage gazed out at the storm that surronded it.

He had finally divined the source of this storm. His old adversary, seeking to overthrow him.

He chuckled softly. Foolish man, thinking to defeat him with a mere storm.

However, to just banish the storm could not be done. Oh no. That would be one step to many on the road to the dark side. And if he were to do that without thinking, he would be as bad as his opponent.

He needed to undo this mess of a storm, without causing any more problems.

Turning, he headed down to his workroom. He did not notice the shimmering of the air by the fireplace. Nor did he see the beast of bodmin wink into existence behind him.

Comment with what you think should happen next (I'm leaving it more open-ended this time).

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