Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Spontaneous Red Arrows

In another of those random coincidences that happen so often with my family, I happened to be stuck at Barnham station just now due having missed a change through delays when I heard the unmistakeable roar of a fast jet. So I looked around, and spotted the Red Arrows in the middle of a display.

Now, all aircraft displays in the UK run parallel to the crowd line and are set back some distance, so apart from perhaps the initial entrance the aircraft never fly overhead. Except they have to go somewhere to turn round, and as it happened for this display they were going out past Barnham for this. And to get back... they flew directly overhead Barnham station, right where I was standing!

This reminds me of a time with the family a few years ago, on top of Ditchling Beacon, where we heard the rumble from four Merlin engines and looked up to see the BBMF Lancaster pootling around above just us, with not much altitude above the beacon. Much better than the view I got a few years later at Shoreham airshow (again, parallel to and some distance from the crowd line).
Tags: military, real life, red arrows

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