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So I was idly playing with trains and ideas for random days out, and put in here to Battle (for Battle Abbey) as a route. It takes a little over 3 hours including 36 minutes spent waiting for changes, has the 2 changes that are required (Brighton and St Leonard's Warrior Square), and a day return costs £15.

I stuck in another outing I was thinking of: Poole (for Brownsea Island), which is about half as far away as Battle. As it's much closer it only takes 1 hour 20 including a 10 minute change at Southampton Central. However a day return for this costs £20.10.

It gets even more absurd if I look at a trip to, say, London. There's a handful of possible routes: I can take a Southern train via Horsham which takes a smidgen over 2 hours, or a South West train via Winchester or Guildford which is around 20 minutes faster. The one using just Southern trains costs £22.10. The South West trains route costs £38.30.
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