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Month of photos challenge/meme

I tend to take plenty of photos when I go out walking, quite often with the intention of posting them up either here or on my gallery when I get back. But what usually happens is I get back, and by the time I've caught up on the everything online and made some supper I've forgotten to do that.

The other day, I had a thought: next month will be exactly 6 months until NaBloPoMo. So why not try for another month of daily posts? Except this time, instead of trying to write something every day I'll try to post a daily photo. It could be some random snap, a carefully staged scene, or a "what does this setting do" experiment. I might even dig out the graphics tablet and have a go at drawing!

The only restriction I'm setting myself is that I must take the photo (or draw the picture, or otherwise create something) on the day I post it. Otherwise I could just build up all 31 posts in advance and miss the point of this.

So, who's going to join me in this challenge? Let's see how far we all get!
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