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Upon the ocean blue

So, where has boggyb been today?

Well... over here (which should also appear below as an embedded map, except the internet is made of fail and so you'll have to use that link)

A friend at work has a junk-rigged yacht moored up at Portchester, and offered to take me along for a sail down to Portsmouth harbour and back. So we made our way straight after work, and cast off at about 6:30pm local time. We sailed down towards the harbour, with me doing most of the steering, and made it almost as far as the main channel before turning back at about 7:15. The return journey was much faster as we now had the wind and tide on our side, and we made it back to the mooring at around 8pm, just before sundown.

All in all, a very pleasant way to spend an evening!
Tags: real life, sailing

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