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The Easter of abortive plans

This was very much the Easter of abortive plans.

Last Thursday, I had grand plans for getting my hair cut in the morning before arriving in Horsham around lunchtime. I completely failed at the former, and turned up late afternoon just before the commuter rush. This did rather set the theme for the weekend.

Good Friday morning was a figment of my (and elemnar's) imagination, and so rather than heading out somewhere further afield myself, the Gnu and elemnar went for a wander down the back to Warnham nature reserve. When we got there we decided it wasn't quite as warm anymore and so rather than explore the reserve we just had some tea and went back home. In the evening we visited the grandparents - my grandmother left hospital a month or two ago and is looking much better these days, though she's still not got any movement in her left side.

On Saturday, we all got up bright and early to head to Arundel castle, except allegramente was feeling a bit off and so Arundel was rescheduled for Monday. Instead, the three of us left allegramente and headed into town to explore the Italian themed weekend and await the arrival of lots of Minis. By lunchtime there was a noted lack of Minis (or possibly a large number of invisible incorporeal ones, but it'd be rather hard to spot them), and the supposed seven Italian cars on the forum turned out to be a random selection of decidedly non-Italian cars. Just as we were starting to enjoy some nice hot Cornish pasties it started to snow, and we all scarpered back home rather than wait to see if any Minis actually turned up. In the evening I headed down to Brighton with pleaseremove to pop round brokencube's and spent far too much time just nattering about life, the universe and everything. Oh, and seeing Nik fail in amusing ways. Such as having put a door handle on upside down a while back and not realising until Craig pointed it out.

On Sunday, this year we didn't go along to the dawn Easter service that St Johns has run the past few years (for that matter, I'm not sure it was happening this year). The main Easter service itself was good, with a suitably entertaining sermon on the proof that the stone was moved (complete with carefully-chosen heckler). We then trundled back into town for a grand lunch at Côte, and were originally planning to explore more of the Italian festival but found out that it wasn't actually happening on the Sunday - just Friday, Saturday and Monday. The afternoon was spent again at the grandparents, where a sort of Easter tea with nibbles and chocolates went down quite well.

Yesterday, we successfully left bright and early to head down to Arundel, expecting to be delayed by vast amounts of Easter traffic but instead finding an almost complete lack of traffic on the A27. Even the weird bit where the dual carriageway ends at half a roundabout (the council never finished the bypass) was empty, and that always has a long queue. Since we'd gotten to Arundel earlier than expected we pottered around the sleepy town and had a cup of tea (or coffee) and bit of toast in a cafe By the time the castle had actually opened the sun had disappeared behind the clouds and we decided that it was too cold. So we continued on to Fareham, and decided to visit Explosion in Gosport (well worth a visit). We explored about half the museum before pausing for lunch, and decided that it was a bit chilly in the cafe there. So we changed plan (again), and trundled along to a local pub that's normally very good. This time, they seemed to be having something of an off day. Sigh.
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