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The downside to administrating a blog is having to deal with the spambots, who continue to attack it despite all comments being moderated. One would have thought that they'd take the hint when none of the comments actually appear on the blog.

Then again, you do get the occasional amusing one, proving that even spambots have bugs...

{Comments|Remarks|Feedback|Responses|Reviews|Opinions|Commentary} {Please|Make sure you|You should|Remember to|You need to|I highly recommend you|Be sure to} {log in|sign in|join|signing in|visit|log on} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to|to help|so that you can|that will} {comment|remark|opinion|review|thoughts|brief review|provide feedback}. #file_links\keywords11.txt,1,S] {Civility|Calmness} {matters|issues|concerns|things|is important|makes a difference|counts}; {click here|click the link|just click here|click this link|simply click here|please click here|go here} {to read|to see|to learn|you just read|to study|to read through|to learn to read} {our|the|our own|each of our|your|all of our|some of our} commentin {#|Number} #file_lin #file_links\keywords13.txt,1,S] ks\keywords15.txt,1,S] file_links\keywords14.txt,1,S] {g|grams|gary|h|gary the gadget guy|f|r} {gui|graphical user interface} #file_links\keywords12.txt,1,S] delines. {Log in|Sign in|Join|Signing in|Visit|Log on}

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