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Kindle sorting fail

My Kindle has an interesting interpretation of "sort by author":

No, I haven't splurged on 111 books - that includes most of Baen's free Mission of Honor CD, a bunch converted from, a selection of samples, and a handful of collections. Anyway, the third book is actually by Marion Zimmer Bradley, so the sorting looks reasonable so far (though it appears to be displaying books by the same author in no particular order). But let's skip forward a couple of pages...

Apparently "24 November 12" comes after "David Weber". The sorting then continues by surname (starting from Rhiannon Lassiter), but three pages later ends with:

Shouldn't The Game Games Bowl be back on the first page?

I have a suspicion as to what's going on: it's sorting by surname, and my guess is that the author's name is stored separately as forenames and surname. All the ones which are mis-sorted are not from Amazon - instead, they're direct from Baen Books. The other exception is The Music Jungle, which is a blog by Kirsten and so is sort-of sorted correctly.

You would think that since it's now showing collections that's all the ebooks, but if you go forward one more page:

Those two ebooks I converted to PalmDoc format many years ago before the Kindle existed, and back then there was no author field (there was also a shorter character limit on titles, hence War of the Fa is missing ries and The Apprentic needs an e). If I continued paging forwards I'd get the rest of the old ebooks in semi-random order, followed by right at the end the Welcome Thomas built-in guide.
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