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The mage (part 2)

An open ending, and a summoning. Hmmm....

The mage gazes into his crystal ball. Inside, a tower spires up from the ground, surrounded by heavy clouds. Lightning flashes, and the faint sound of rain drumming can be heard.

But the mage knew this was not enough. His adversery was strong, and in time would overcome this storm.

Turning swiftly he strode out of the room, and ascended the stairs to the top of his tower. Outside, the sun shone, gazing fiercely down.

Gazing into the distance, the mage saw the skies gave way to thunderclouds. The tower of his adversy lay this way.

The mage walked in a circle, trailing his staff along the ground.

When the circle was complete he took hold of his oak staff. Raising it above his head, he called out words in a mystical tounge.

In front of him, a sphere of air shimmered, shapeless forms moving in and out of existence.

The mage pointed his staff into the sphere...

...and summoned...?

Open ending and summoning achieved. Still, nobody said *what* the mage should call upon...

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