Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Things you don't want to hear on a train supposedly to Portsmouth: "The next station is Littlehampton". Um.

Anyway, the weekend. I've been at the parents this weekend, which means that things have actually happened in the morning.

OK, I lied about mornings - yesterday morning was essentially a non-event. There were originally plans to go and see Skyfall early in the afternoon, but as the day wore on it became clear that there wasn't going to be enough time to fit it in and so Skyfall was postponed to today.

In the evening we went to visit Oma at hospital. This is the first time I've seen her since the stroke, and while she's come on a fair way since it happened she's still very tired and slightly confused. There is also still a massive question mark over her left side, but she's having physiotherapy which hopefully will help. We stayed for about an hour just generally chatting about things while she went through the latest cards that have been posted to her. In the process we solved the mystery of the monkey - turns out that one of the other patients had been given a meerkat teddy, which half-hidden and seen from across the room looks rather like a monkey. Mystery solved!

By the time we got back it was gone 9pm, so rather than cook something we ended up eating at the local Pizza Express who were struggling to cope with the numbers. They've expanded over the years, but we're not sure that the kitchen has also expanded to match.

Today started off reasonably leisurely, until late morning at which point we blitzed round first Waitrose and then Tescos in a mega shop. In the process we carefully made plans to have a quick lunch, followed by seeing Skyfall at 2:20 in Crawley. Of course, by the time we got there (around 2:10) it was sold out.

We're beginning to think that there's something up with trying to see Skyfall :)

So instead of that we settled down in the cafe at Warnham Nature Reserve for tea and cakes, and just spent some time there leisurely unwinding. The beehive in the cafe was all shut up as the bees are presumably hibernating for the winter, but they've currently got a couple of things with harvest mice (part of a reintroduction program). In one there were a pair of mice bouncing and scampering all over the place, and they're absolutely tiny! I'd never realised just how small they are

Ah, the guard has gotten on the tannoy and explained all - the train is going to Portsmouth. It's just diverted via Littlehampton.
Tags: nablopomo, real life

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