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Police & Crime Commissioner?

So tomorrow we get to vote for a Police & Crime Commissioner... whatever one of those is. Apparently it's a replacement for the Police Authority, who set targets or something.

I've not heard a peep out of any of the local candidates - no leaflets through the post, no TV ad, not even a mention on the local news. That's unusual even by UK standards. The BBC did have a half-hearted link on the front page today to their police elections area, but that link's now gone. They ran one piece on TV about a week ago, which can be roughly summed up as "Can you do this? Nope. What about that? No. How about this? Hmmm... nope."

I intend to vote, as I've always held the philosophy that voting means I can then complain that either the candidate I voted for is not doing what they said they would, or that the candidate I didn't vote is doing at all wrong :) That said, I do at least skim over the manifestos so I have some vague idea of what I'm voting for. This is not easy for this election, as the only place I've seen any details of the candidates (beyond names) is on the independent site that I tripped across last week.

I'm still unconvinced that there's any point to this.
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