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Exams and stuff

Not posted for a week so here's an update.

The exams have gone well so far (only two left. Yay!). Discrete maths was easy, except for the Simplex Algorithm question (it looked nothing like anything I've done before and I got completely confused). Chemistry was alright, but the question on carbocations threw me (I could only see two and there was space for three). Reduction of metal sulphides was also confusing. All the rest (more maths and physics) went well.

My computer's now working fine. I solved the ATI problem by setting the BIOS to initialize it first, and telling windows to use the 3D Prophet as the primary. I also solved another problem on my PC - it was failing to restore from hibernation, which is kinda important to me (being able to turn off the PC and then come back to it without having to reopen 10 windows and load up the program I'm working on again is useful). Turned out that my HD controller was misdetected, and that took a bit of tinkering in device manager, a bit more in safe mode, and then some suicidal registry nuking (gave myself access to HKLM\SYSTEM and removed the offending key) which made Win2k bluescreen. It worked after I restarted.

I've still got another problem to solve - HTML help is screwed and hh.exe crashes whenever it's run (often crashing the calling program). This happens with any .CHM file, and I'm running IE6. Any ideas welcome.

Had a bit of fun the other day on the way to school. Our bus passed another down a narrow lane where there's usually no problem. However, the other bus driver decided he didn't want to pass us sensibly, and insted of moving a foot or two further over to the grass on his side he had a good go at removing the rear door hinges. Fortuantly the damge was mostly cosmetic, but the other guy came off worse.

I've got mechanics tomorrow, and statistics a week later, then that's all (but I have to go back to school on the 23rd). I'll hopefully post again in a day or two.

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