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A quest!

Well, I have now beaten Metroid Prime. That great big, invisible, invincible nasty is now dead.

Therefore my quest upon the morrow is to invade the stronghold of Brighton wherein I shall find a trader willing to exchange a pristine copy of Metroid Prime 2: Echos for the use of a slab of plastic imprinted with strange magnetic traces and trace metals. Following that, I shall procede back up to campus, whereupon I shall raise my drawbridge against barbarian invaders and insert a small disc engraved with many small and mystical patterns into the magic purple box of power sitting at my feet. I shall then pick up my mystical wand of power, and summon the spirits to activate the magic of the game!

Translation: go to Game, buy MP2, go home, lock the door, stick the disc in the Gamecube, pick up the Gamecube controller, switch the GC on, and fire up the video capture prog on the PC. A GeForce 4 with VIVO is a fun thing to have. Shame the beast won't capture PAL60, else I'd've been playing Ocarina of Time.

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