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ViewRanger support are made of win and awesome.

One of the casualties of that crappy microSD card was all the mapping data for ViewRanger. While it does let you re-download maps for free, I couldn't find a way to get a list of which maps/tiles I'd paid for.

So I sent them an email earlier today and about 40 minutes later I got a reply. On a Sunday! It gets better - the reply contained a link to a zip that I could just unpack and copy across to the phone.

Now I just need to recover the other applications that had some data stored on the card, and any data that survived. The casualties include any photos I'd taken on the phone this year, which fortunately isn't many as I have an actual camera I normally use (but unfortunately does include a set of photos I'd been meaning to post for a recent walk, as I didn't have my camera that time).

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