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Induction hob

I have a new shiny toy!

I've finally gotten sufficiently fed up with the solid plate hob that the flat came with, and so have bought a single-ring induction hob. And it is so much nicer to use than the solid plate one - with the old hob, I had to try and predict what power I'd need some time in advance and if my pasta started boiling over it'd take quite a while for the hob to cool down enough. With the new one, I just turn down the power and it stops heating instantly. It responds just as quickly to applying more power, and may even be faster at boiling water than the kettle (I've not timed it, but it certainly seems fast enough). As a result elemnar has decided that I need an old-fashioned kettle with a steam whistle.

The only downside is since it's an induction hob, my nice little frying pan won't work on it (induction hobs don't work with non-ferrous pans). So it looks like I will need to get that frying pan ThatGNU mentioned several times over the weekend.
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