Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

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I knew getting out of bed today was a mistake.

You know the power cut earlier? Apparently, it hit the whole campus, and there were two of 'em. So, the computer systems are up the creek without a paddle, or indeed any kind of movement device. The main systems appear to be behaving, except for the fact that all the kiosks and PABS (printer-credit machines) boxes are dead. The roaming/wireless is playing up. The informatics servers died and won't be doing anything until the informatics people get in (probably on monday). And that rather screwed up my plans for today, which involved heading down to the informatics lab and doing some programming while the laptop trundled through all the updates to Win98 since august.

In addition to that, further casulities include the fire alarm in Park Village 16, and apparently all the electricity meters in Lewes Court reset themselves, which'll be fun come bill-payment day.

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