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Back to school...

...although not quite for me, as I've still got plenty of study leave. No exams today, although plenty for the rest of the week. Tomorrow it's D1 (Discrete Maths 1), and the day after I've got Chemistry modules 2 & 3, one after the other. Not looking forward to those two.

Anyway, I've got my computer mostly sorted out, after reinstalling Win2k Pro about 6 times in as many days. By now I can probably install it in my sleep ;D but hopefully I won't have to. At least I've been able to image the thing, so I won't have as much work to do if it stops working. However, I've discovered other problems. The nice little ATI Rage Pro PCI graphics card that is driving my secondary screen can only be used properly for the primary screen, due to how Win2k initialises it. If anyone knows of a way to force fullscreen DirectX & OpenGL stuff to use the secondary screen by default, I'm all ears.

Well, I suppose I'd better do some revision for these exams. Hopefully I'll do well in them.

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