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Cornwall again, day 3

Today was spent wandering around Falmouth and visiting the National Maritime Museum. It is a fascinating place, and well worth a visit - or indeed several. At the moment they had an exhibition on lighthouses, covering both the structures themselves and the people who lived and worked in them. There's an interesting collection of artefacts there as well - one that particularly stands out is a pair of solid bronze doors. Or rather, a pair of very dented and partially missing solid bronze doors, that lost in a fight against a storm.

They also had a section covering the use of lighthouses in various media. Apparently St Anthony lighthouse was used in the show Fraggle Rock. Slightly more recent (and one I remember well) was the Australian show Round the Twist, wherein the Twist family live in a lighthouse. They also have this absolute gem of an advert based around the urban myth of the US aircraft carrier discovering that no, a lighthouse will not divert course to avoid a collision. And finally, there's this absolutely hilarious smith and Jones sketch.

That exhibition is being changed soon - instead they'll have one on search and rescue. Somehow they're going to fit a Sea King SAR helicopter into the exhibition space!
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