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The compensation has arrived (such as it is)

Readers may remember that I've posted about the long-running roadworks and the rumours of compensation. Well, there's been an update on it. A few days ago I received this letter...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Tesco store opening on [location].

We are very much looking forward to being your neighbour and hope you will come and shop with us when our new [location] store opens on [date].

Our new store will I bring an extensive range of fresh food, grocery staples and exciting non-food products, and we are looking forward to playing an active role in the local community. We are currently developing our great new team, almost entirely made up of local residents.

We are sorry for any inconvenience or disruption caused during the construction work. While the site work has always been carried out during the day, we have only been able to complete roadwork during the night, as per the restrictions imposed by the Council.

To thank you for your patience and to apologise for any inconvenience caused during construction, we would be delighted if you would accept these Tesco Giftcards. I hope to see you in store soon.

Yours sincerely,
[scanned signature]
Store Manager

Included with the letter was (drumroll please)... wait for it... a blank £20 Tesco Giftcard for the supermarket in question!

Yes. Well. He could at least have hand-written an apology on the giftcard, or if nothing else signed the letter himself instead of printing a scanned signature. Y'know, some sort of personal touch that shows this is more than just a quick mail merge.

So, the question now is what do I do with it? Well, what I'll likely do is just spend the thing (since as tempting as it is to send it back with a suitably ranty letter, that requires effort and will probably result in me having no giftcard). But talismancer did gift me a paid account about a year ago, and if a paid account is good for anything here in LJ land it's for creating random polls. Plus it gives the peanut gallery something to do :)

Poll #1799259 What should I do with the giftcard?

I should...

use it
fire it into the sundestroy it
post it back
return it in person
complain to Tesco's
complain to Tesco's head office
complain to my local counciller
complain to my MP
something else entirely

Edit: that was supposed to read "fire it into the sundestroy it".

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