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Skyward Sword, second temple

And wouldn't you know, but it is now tomorrow!

Remember how I said that the mini-boss of the forest temple was a total pushover? That's most certainly not the case for the pair of lizalfos that act as the miniboss in the fire temple. See, I was expected a very Ocarina of Time-like battle, wherein the two lizalfos would work as a tag team, taking turns to jump onto my platform and attack me while paying no attention to their own defence.

Except the blighters ganged up on me and they're far too good at blocking attacks. That battle was hard, and left me with one heart (after using a fairy!). Curiously, after beating them I found the rest of the temple noticeably easier, and the remaining lizalfos here and there went down in no time. Perhaps it just took me that battle to suss out how to properly aim my attacks instead of just using the elemnar approach (whackwhackwhackwhackwhackWHACK - she's downright lethal with it in Wii Sports Resort unless you block the first hit).

The Indiana Jones moment caught me off guard, and I failed at it in a rather amusing fashion. First attempt: run down the path, try for the side passage, misjudge it and land in the lava (ouch). Second attempt: run down the path, overshoot the side passage, double back and get flattened. And... did that boulder just take away all my health? No fair!

No Dark Link in the end, though Lord Grahim showed up again and was his usual unhappy self. So apparently he decides to take out his frustration by sicing some sort of lava spider dodongo on me, which is daft enough to damage itself by stomping on the bomb flowers. It wasn't a particularly hard boss, more of a repetitive and tedious one given the amount of health at the top and the ease of dodging the fireballs it spits at you.

I see Mysterious Sheikah disapproves of me being late. Of course, Mysterious Sheikah doesn't care about the fact that I've had to fight my way through the dungeon that oh-so-conveintly is still full of enemies, despite Mysterious Sheikah having already been through it. And so my punishment for being late... is not allow me to take the shortcut to the next temple, but instead make me go the long way round? That's just mean. I do get the feeling that I'm continually one step behind events here. That said, Mysterious Sheikah did drop another interesting hint: she called Zelda "Your Grace". I'm a bit hazy on the whole ranking of the nobility, but I think a "Your Grace" rates below a "Your Majesty". Curious.
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