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Apparently the local co-op is harmful to sainsbury's long life carrier bags. That's the second one I've had fail just as I was walking out of the shop, and of course the shops only do free replacements for their own bags. Precisely how this helps the environment is unclear, since I now have one extra carrier bag.

I see it now... instead of there being a grand reduction in carrier bags, all the cheap ones will slowly be phased out to be replaced by a slightly smaller number of expensive ones. It won't reverse climate change and save the whales, but it will result in the supermarkets raking in an extra 5p or so per carrier bag. Then one supermarket will realise that if they drop their prices by 1p they'll get a massive increase in customers, the others will fall over themselves to match the price drop, and in a couple of years carrier bags will be free again. A year later, someone will market the brand new lasts-twice-as-long-super-bag (available for a limited time only at 15p or €1), and the cycle will begin anew.
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