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NaBloPoMo update

Ah-hah! talismancer has missed a day! Let the mocking commence!

To be honest, I don't feel like mocking him that much. Managing a sensible non-filler post every day is surprisingly hard when normally you'd have 3 posts in a good month. I know I find it hard enough, and usually bulk out NaBloPoMo by posting vast quantities of memes. Plus talismancer's still averaging at least one post a day, most of which are decent-length ones with actual original content that must have taken some time to put together. And he's yet to post a single meme, which is more than I've managed! So I'll only mock him a little, as he's made more non-filler posts than I have.

His journal is largely friends-only, but talismancer has a fairly open friending policy - he "will friend anyone who gives me a good reason" (which is likely to be "anyone I have met in reality and like, and anyone I find interesting"). I recommend it - it's a bit like my journal, except with less memes and more actual content. Plus you get to see him mock my lack of actual posts.

If I remember rightly, there's only two other people on my friends list taking part in NaBloPoMo: omgimsuchadork has found a solution to the grand question of "what am I going to post for 30 days" in the form of mad hockey fangirling (instead of the usual mad zelda fangirling), while on the other hand allegramente only started the challenge today and so is going to try and make two posts every day to catch up. I think there's also a couple of people trying for NaNoWriMo instead. I'm not sure which is harder.
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