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The Impossible Astronaut, Day of the Moon

Since the second half of this series is fast approaching, I thought I'd better actually watch all the episodes of the first half (never got round to watching that much of it, though I did record all the episodes). So I thought I'd start by rewatching series 6 from the beginning...

"Swear to me, swear to me on something that matters."
"Fish fingers and custard."
from The Impossible Astronaut

So, apparently, all one needs to do to get rid of the Doctor permanently is to shoot him during his regeneration? That seems suspiciously easy. Then again, this *is* Doctor Who, where canon is cheerfully rewritten to be whatever this week's plot requires.

The alien spaceship thing they find in the tunnels looks rather familiar, though this could just be set reuse (like the BBC quarry back in the classic series).

"Ah, no stay where you are. Because look at me, I'm confident. You want to watch that, me when I'm confident. Oh and this is my friend River, nice hair, clever, has her own gun, and unlike me she really doesn't mind shooting people."
from Day of the Moon

So, we finally find out what the silence is, and it turns out that it's a race of beings rather than an abstract concept or a specific entity. This feels a little anti-climatic. I was expecting the silence to be some grand cosmic force, rather like the Snarl in the Order of the Stick webcomic. I've mentioned it before, but this doctor is definitely not nice. Even #10 wouldn't have done this, but #11 seems to have no qualms about utterly destroying the silence.

That said, there's still several unresolved questions from the previous series. Back in The Vampires of Venice the monster of the week specifically mentioned that they saw the cracks, and through those cracks saw the silence (which implies that the silence is something more fundamental). There's also the grand question of just why did the Tardis explode, or for that matter if it even exploded at all (since it sort of unexploded and did some grand timeline reset).

Something else that struck me on rewatching this: why doesn't the Doctor remember River? He's seen her before twice that we know of: once as his first encounter in Silence in the Library, and then later on in The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone. But in this two-parter, he seems to have completely forgotten about her when he should actually know more about her.

On the very end of the episode: the little girl has to be at least part Time Lord in order to be able to regenerate. But the Time Lords are supposed to be very much extinct in the Who 'verse. So just who is she?
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