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There's a couple of utterly hilarious comments on Sky's announcement about them grabbing most of the broadcast rights for F1:

lwd says: no adverts... best news about F1 being on sky so far!!
adh925 says: Can't wait HD F1 has been in the making for too long!

For non-Brits: the F1 is currently broadcast on the BBC, in HD, without any adverts. One hopes that those comments weren't made by Brits.

I've no plans to switch to Sky, despite the fact that next year the BBC will be providing full coverage of only half the races, because I've never liked the idea of paying money to watch adverts (though to be fair they promise not to show adverts during the race itself) and anyway most of the TV I enjoy is produced by the BBC. I might have been tempted to buy a subscription to Sky Sports via DVB-T, but apparently it'll cost £19.99 a month. That's more than a TV license costs!


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