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Fail, gizmodo

Someone on Facebook posted a link to Gizmodo. Specifically, they posted!5782366/someday-youll-keep-a-rainbow-in-a-cage. So, being curious, I clicked on it.

In Firefox 3.6, this redirects to!5782366/someday-youll-keep-a-rainbow-in-a-cage which displays the Gozmodo home page. Opera 11.01 behaves identically.

Internet Explorer 7 instead redirects to The initial redirect is actually carried out server-side and the location header only contains "". Interestingly the HTTP RFC doesn't define the handling of fragments with redirects (and one could argue the handling either way), so IE7 is just as compliant as the others here.

Presumably there is an article, but I'm not sure I can be bothered to go and find it given how utterly broken their website is. Not only does it appear to rely on the fragment being preserved, but it doesn't even work after the forced redirect!

Things like this are why Web 2.0 should be fired into the sun.
Tags: internets, rant

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