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Permanent daylight savings?

Oh dear, the government is once again considering moving the UK permanently forward an hour, to GMT+1/GMT+2 instead of GMT/GMT+1. Didn't we have this discussion a few years back?

Supposedly the region that would benefit most from this is the south of England. Strange, I live in the south and yet the only effect I can see this having is giving me *less* usable daylight during an average day.

In the depths of winter, the sun rises about ten minutes before I set off for work and sets over hour before I leave work. This means that it's nice and sunny (well... bright, at least) in the morning when I'm still not quite awake, but dark in the evening. Moving the UK forward an hour will mean that the sun rises about twenty minutes after I *arrive* at work, and sets just before I leave work. This'll mean that it's dark when I leave my flat, dark when I arrive at work, dark when I leave work and dark when I return to my flat. I don't see how this will improve anything.

At least this time the bill requires an initial analysis and then (only if the analysis supports it) a trial period before making any permanent changes. Interestingly the UK has experimented with permanent daylight savings before, from 1968 to 1971. Note how we're not currently on permanent summer time.
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