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Today I ended up wanting to check if various bits of code have changed, so I could find out if I actually needed to rebuild stuff or not...

Me: Gimme the history for that subdirectory in that repository over there.
CVS: Here you go. I'll spam you about every single tag though, just in case you needed to know that as well.
Me: Okay, I can deal with that.

Me: Gimme the history for that subdirectory in that repository over there.
SVN: Sure, go ahead. Here, I'll even give you a GUI that works (TortoiseSVN), and give you a useful summary and optional details on those commits.
Me: Yay!

Me: Gimme the history for that subdirectory in that repository over there.
Mercurial: No can do, mate. I'm a distributed version control system, that means that the client does all the slow changeset-parsing work.
Me: What, seriously? Fine, gimme the subdirectory and I'll run the log locally.
Mercurial: No can do, it's all or nothing mate. If you wanted a single subdirectory then you should have split it into a separate repository when you created it.
Me: Grumble grumble. Fine, give me the entire 500MB repository.
Mercurial: Sure, lemme think about it for a while... uh-oh, you're using a network share, this means I shall give up after ten minutes because of an operating system limitation/bug that we've not added a workaround for. Except I won't actually tell you that, but just say "[Errno 22] Invalid argument". Muwhahaha.
Me: Grumble rant grumble. Fine, clone it to the local drive instead. All I want is the history anyway.
Mercurial: Sure, lemme chew on your processor for fifteen minutes while I take every single diff and then apply them in order... done!
Me: Finally! Now gimme the history for that subdirectory.
Mercurial: Here you go. Here's the first line of each commit comment.
Me: Grumble rant grumble rant. Those commit comments are multi-line, and the first line is useless! Fine, gimme the verbose history.
Mercurial: Okay, but I'm going to tell you about every single file that was changed in each of those commits even though you only care about this subdirectory. Oh, and I'm also going to claim that a couple dozen other files have changed, even though they haven't really, because I'm confused and think that someone merged tip into their branch (because I'm distributed and so there's no actual One True Source Archive).
Me: So you mean it's not clear if anything's actually changed or not since the last build? Argh!
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