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Current views on UK politics

Current views on UK politics:

Tories: they suck for being in favour of the massive increase in tuition fees.

Lib Dems: they suck some more for going back on their pre-election pledge.

Labour: they don't just suck, they're a black hole for not only a) claiming that they would have done it differently despite introducing fees in the first place (and going back on the manifesto at the time which promised to not introduce fees), but more importantly b) using this as an excuse to badmouth the coalition rather than actually coming up with a sane alternative (which, y'know, might have resulted in the Lib Dems voting against this so they could vote for yours).

All three parties had a chance to come out of this on top (Tories by reducing the increase when it became clear public opinion was against them, Lib Dems by sticking to their guns and abstaining, even Labour by coming up with a sensible alternative), and all three of them blew it.
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