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In the end First didn't get any buses running between here and work, and work also said not to try coming in today (plan B was to get the train, but those weren't coping much better and neither station is particularly convient). Instead I used the wonders of the internet to VPN in from my desktop and get some stuff done that way. That lasted until around lunchtime, when support sent round an email telling people to stop hogging the VPN bandwidth. Spoilsports.

I'm not entirely sure what support were up to as I had no problems during the morning. Then again, all I was using was a remote desktop and a couple of ssh sessions. I used my laptop for internet traffic as well rather than have it go across the VPN and back out (remote access policies usually require *all* traffic to use the VPN).

As to tomorrow... well the forecast is that we've had all the snow for now, so instead we're getting lows of -6°C and lots of fog which will coat the roads with ice. That'll be fun.
Tags: snow, weather

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