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Hmm, talismancer didn't post on Tuesday or Wednesday. Or actually... no, I'm wrong. If I remember rightly how LJ calculates the itemid then it appears that he did make a couple of posts, but not ones that I can see. I suppose technically your posts don't have to be visible to qualify for NaBloPoMo, but hiding the posts does rather defeat the point.

Incidentally, this is why people shouldn't rely on the apparently-random itemid to prevent people even knowing of the existence of a friends-only post. One reason people were against the twitter/facebook crossposting was because it leaked the existence of friends-only posts. Well unfortunately for them the client API explains how this is calculated, and the result is anyone who knows the spec can look at a pair of itemid values and work out how many posts apart they are. All hail information leakage!

Anyway, where was I. Oh yes: all right you lot, own up - who turned off the heating?

Apparently the weather has decided to change from autumn to winter without a clutch. It was actually quite pleasant when I went out walking on Sunday evening, but fast-forward to lunchtime today and it was bitterly cold.

This temperature graph on the excellent Isle of Wight weather site shows that it was a balmy 7°C on Sunday, but today the mercury barely managed 1°C.

And it's only getting worse - the BBC is currently forecasting highs of 3°C and lows of -3°C for the next few days here (well, for Portsmouth which is close enough to me) and snow of all things on next Tuesday. Snow!

For non-Brits: snow on the south coast tends to be a light dusting for a couple of days in late winter. As a result no-one here prepares for it, and so the serious amounts of slow last winter paralysed everywhere south of London for a week. The current long-term forecast is looking like a repeat for this winter.
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