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Computer magpie

I think I've accumulated far too much random hardware over the years. While searching for a PCI IDE card for a friend, I found the following:

  • A pair of thick 2.5" IDE hard disks (maybe 1GB each?)
  • A thinner 2.5" IDE hard disk
  • Three 3.5" IDE hard disks (smallest is 4GB - remember, that used to be massive)
  • A bag of SIMMs
  • A bag of DIMMs, plus a SO-DIMM or two
  • An ISA sound card
  • An ISA voice modem (those were the days...)
  • A PCI graphics card (I used to use that for a second monitor)
  • A couple of AGP graphics cards
  • A PCI sound card
  • An AMD Duron, probably a Duron 800
  • A small PLCC form factor chip with a "P=" foil sticker on it (no idea what it's far, but it was removed from an old motherboard before binning the computer)
  • Netgear WG602v2 wireless access point
  • Netgear DG834Gv2 ADSL router
  • Netgear WGE101 wireless bridge
  • KVM switch (not a Belkin, and so actually works properly)
  • Processor upgrade kit (originally for a Pentium 133Mhz system)
  • And the PCI IDE card I was looking for

And that's just in the two crates I searched in! I swear, they breed when you're not looking.

Tags: nablopomo, real life

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