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Colour meme

I declare it to be meme o'clock! Here's one from the archives:

List ten things you like or love in the colour given you.

mirrordreams gave me dark red (specifically, dark red "that's not maroon and not pillar box")

I'm going to use a bit of artistic license here with the shades of red, as I don't think I actually have all that much stuff in dark red.

1. Tomatoes. Because tomatoes lead to...
2. Pizza! Om nom nom nom.
3. Autumn sunsets. You know, the ones you get maybe twice a year when the entire sky glows red.
4. The patchwork quilt I got given a few birthdays back.
5. The Wheel of Time series (book 5 has a red cover).
6. Um... the N64 controller has a red button on it, does that count?
7. My Thinkpad (the TrackPoint is red).
8. Oh! The PANIC button on my keyboard. Gotta have a panic button.
9. And for when that doesn't work, the EJECT SEAT button.
10. Strawberries! They might even be a dark enough shade as well.

Hmm, that meme was a lot harder than I expected. Anyway, comment if you want a go!
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