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Myst IV

I've always been a fan of the Myst games. The first one, Myst, is rather lacking compared to current games, but it's one that I'll play again. You arrive on the dockyard, after an opening that's not explained until the next game, and you travel through the Ages to restore the missing pages to the red and blue books, which contain the imprisoned sons of Atrus (play the game for the full story). The ending is not quite what you expect either, or rather endings (there are at least 4 possible ones).

Next is Riven, which I think I've written about in another post of mine. Let me see... yep, I've written a bit here, and a bit about realMyst (Myst with a full 3D engine) here. Anyway, Riven starts after Myst (more or less - the games do follow each other but not immediately). You link to an Age that has a one-way ticket to destruction, and you've got to capture Atrus' father (Gehn) who has captured Atrus' wife (Catherine). The whole plot behind it is interesting - Gehn has done to Riven what us programmers politely call "hacks", and as such Atrus is busy trying to undo all that mess enough to let you complete your task here. In the meantime, Gehn is writing another Age for the villagers to go to, and Catherine is a member of the rebels there (the Moiety) who have their own Age. So you arrive with Atrus' journal and a prison book of which you are 'relieved of' very early on. You end up capturing Gehn and releasing Catherine. Then you have to summon Atrus, which to do so you have to make some sort of fundamental change to the Age. How about the total destruction of it? Yep, that got his attention.

After that is Myst III, which doesn't follow on as seamlessly (when you consider that after Riven you've ended up back on Earth - in fact Uru is the most ligical one to follow on, and Myst III is probably best thought of as a side quest) but nevertheless is just as good as the others. It chucks you in the deep end as usual - you start in Tomahana (sp?), and after getting to look around one room and say "hi" to Atrus, you're chasing this person who has stolen the new Age that's being written for the D'ni and is hell bent on making Atrus 'suffer' for what he has done. You end up following what appears to be a set of tests Atrus had originally set for his sons, and then you finally right the wrongs that have occured so long ago (or not, depending on which ending you choose).

Uru deserves a mention, as it's not a bad game when you get into it. I never have, but music4aosul enjoys it and has got hold of the expansion pack for it as well. It's different in that it's main focus is being a MMORPG, where you and everyone else are working towards the restoration of D'ni and the Ages that go with it. In the single player mode there's lots of puzzles to solve that have been left by Yeesha, Atrus' and Catherine's eccentric daughter. The beginning actually ties in with one of the Myst books - the Book of Atrus, I think. It follows directly after Riven in the single player mode - you land in the desert, with bits of the telescope for the Star Fissure around.

And now there is Myst IV, wherein you find out just what happened after Sirrus and Achenar (sp?) were trapped in the Red and Blue Prison Books. They did not die when Atrus destroyed the books in a burst of rage. They are still trapped inside. Or are they (the demo and website give no clues)?

Wow, this entry has taken about a week to write. I started writing it on wednesday last week (22/9/04) (I think), disconnected the computer to take it to university (see my previous two posts), and then finished it today. That's gotta be the longest (time-wise) post I've done.

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