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Apparently people can't use mailing lists

Oh dear, the people who can't use mailing lists have returned...

"Can i please be taken off this society."

"To anyone that no longer wishes to be signed up to any society, the link is on the bottom of the relevant societies emails."

5 more on-topic society emails followed, then this from the person who sent the first email:

Now, I can understand someone requesting a manual unsubscription if there's no unsubscribe link (or if the URL is missing from the text-only version). I can understand someone requesting a manual unsubscription if the confirmation email gets lost. I can understand someone requesting a manual unsubscription if the unsubscribe process fails.

Except there is an unsubscribe link, the full URL is present in the text-only version, the confirmation email did arrive, and the link in that worked. How do I know this? Because I just tested the whole process with a spare email account.

The logical conclusion is that the original emailer did not even bother trying the unsubscribe link, even though they were told about it.

Edit: just as I was about to post this, someone replied with a wonderful bit of snark:

"Thank you $NAME for your wonderfully written request.
"As with all subscription based e-mail services there is a link provided for unsubscribing from these lists provided at the bottom, or more rarely the top, of all e-mails sent from the lists which can be found by taking twenty seconds out of your day to read. These links are very simple to use, requiring one or two clicks and you can unsubscribe without all the effort of composing long polite requests and must be included as part of the legal requirement to make unsubscribing from internet e-mail lists simple for all users.
"Now, assuming you bothered to actually read any of that, you can now use the link at the bottom of this very e-mail labelled "To unsubscribe or change your subscription options visit..." and you can do it yourself."
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