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Today's achievement is cut-price satellite-grade coax.

One of the many items on my todo list is running a coax feed between the rooms, so I can hook my computer's TV card up to something decent (though it's amazing how much of a signal it can get using the T-shaped FM antenna that came in the box). So, after work today I stopped off at Homebase to grab the cable and plugs and bits.

In the electronics section they had both cheap low-loss, and more expensive satellite grade. The prices shown for both were the same, which seemed odd, so I tracked down a senior-looking worker and queried it. Whereupon he looked at both reels, checked the codes with the prices shown, and went "Ah-hah! They've not marked it up properly. Well, if they can't be bothered to mark it up properly then I'll let you have the satellite cable for the price of the cheaper one! I'll tell them that at the till for you!"

Win! Now I can get it set up in time for recording Doctor Who at the Proms 2010 (there's an extended version this Friday) and Merlin (series 3 starts this Saturday).

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