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Just realised how long it's been since I last updated this journal. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm enjoying my study leave, which as well as revision includes fixing my computer after the fallout from a botched installation of Windows XP Pro 120-day evaluation knocked out Windows 2000 Pro and then trashed the FAT header on my Windows 98 partition. Whoops.
After much work I got PartitionMagic to run by eventually going for the brute-force method: manually deleting the partition information for the Windows 98 partition. I then got DriveImage to backup the old Win2k partition so I can recover game levels, saves, patches, user settings etc. The first attempt failed with a "write error" on the destination partition, which suprised me as I was using high compression, and assuming no compression I had 4/5 gig free on the destination. Then again, my HD is rapidly going down. It's been moaning for the past few weeks and throwing up "This drive is going down!" messages in the event log, so it should last long enough for me to sort out warranty stuff and get a replacement (which will happen this year, hopefully).

artisticbardesshas done a picture for my journal of the "BoggyBot". I'll upload it when I get it from ArtisticBardess.

If you're using RealPlayer/WinAMP/WMP to play your music files, then you should really change to XMPlay, which does all WMP and WinAMP do natively, and has plugins for just about any other format imaginable, even including RealPlayer streams. The original file format was for XM modules, hence XMPlay. It is compatible with WinAMP input plugins, uses Sonique visulisations and can output sound to anything that accepts wave format sound. It's even skinnable (look on the support site for plugins, skins, visulisations and encoders). Great little utility, and I only use RealPlayer/WMP for their native filetypes now.
No, I'm not selling it or getting a per-click comission :) It's just a really good program

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