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The Time of Angels

"There's one thing you don't put in a trap, one thing you never ever put in a trap"
"And what's that, sir?"

I never did watch most of series 3, so before this episode I dug through my archives and watched Blink, and to be honest I didn't find it all that scary. Possibly this is due to a) watching it in the middle of the day, b) there not being any statues anywhere near me, and c) already knowing what's going to happen in it. That said, the end of the episode did come as a complete surprise, especially because unlike the main part of the episode they just left it hanging. We don't know if all the statues shown there are really weeping angels, and then there's the Doctor *blinking* after he warned us not to...

For me, the scariest episode by far is The Impossible Planet. That one was *very* heavy on the psychological horror, and it got worse in the second part, The Satan Pit. Though the end of that was a bit of a let-down, partially because the major characters often have Plot Immunity, and partially because the beast itself wasn't all that scary. The mind in charge, however...

Anyway, back to The Time Angels. The reunion at the start was an amusing bit of action, if a rather unconventional way to arrange a rescue. Then we get into the meat of the episode, and we get our first glimpse of a weeping angel in a 4-second recording. And then it moves. And then it comes out of the monitor. Um. That's new. The Doctor's comment on how the eyes are less a window into the soul and more a door is also worrying.

The middle half of the episode went roughly as expected - searching for a single weeping angel among a vast maze full of statues is never going to go well, and it was no surprise when a couple of Red Shirts got jumped by it. Then it started to deviate from my expected plot - I was expecting the remainder of the party to fall one by one, rather like in Forest of the Dead. What I was not expecting was for every single statue to be a weeping angel.

There's one thing that puzzles me about this episode: why is the angel talking to the Doctor? And why is the angel using Bob's mannerisms, even after the ruse is revealed? It's obviously trying to achieve something, though I've absolutely no idea what seeing that it's given up pretty much every tactical advantage it could gain that way. Not only has it revealed the ruse that Bob is alive, but it's deliberately angering the Doctor.

Unless that's what it wants - to goad him into doing something potentially very stupid...

Don't blink.
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