Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Victory of the Daleks

Spitfires. In SPACE!

The Doctor managing to bluff the Daleks with a biscuit was also awesome, and I'm impressed he managed to keep it going as long as he did. Thought whatever happened to the anti-Dalek-raygun force field?

I'm surprised that the mark one Daleks just let themselves be exterminated. That seems more of a cyberman thing, though it does make sort of make sense for Daleks to do that.

The latter part of the episode reminded me quite a bit of the ninth Doctor's finale. Again in that one he had the ability to pwn the Daleks once and for all, at the cost of destroying the Earth. That Doctor cheerfully admitted that he couldn't do it, but for a moment I thought this one might go ahead with it.
Tags: doctor who

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