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I'm... impressed by BT for a change. I contacted them a week or so to arrange moving the phone line to the new flat, and only just now remembered that I need to phone Virgin Media to cancel my broadband (I intend to switch to a different supplier, probably O2). So I logged into their online system to find out the cancellation number, and had a quick look at the emails first.

First email, "Getting ready to go":
We've received a request from BT to cancel your Virgin Media Broadband service. There are a couple of possible reasons for this - one could be that the name on your BT account has been changed, and the other could be that BT has asked to disconnect the phone line. Just so you know, your broadband service is due to be cancelled on 12-03-2010...

Next email, "It’s all over now…":
We're really sad that you're leaving us, but we can now confirm that your Virgin Media Broadband service has closed. If you have any Virgin Media Phone services, these will have closed along with the broadband.

Excellent, that's all been sorted out for me! Now to check the status of the line itself...

Estimated order completion date: Monday 15 March 2010

It remains to be seen if BT will actually manage that (when I moved into the previous flat there appeared to be a massive case of the left not knowing what the right was doing), but it's all looking good.

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