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What do you hear right now?

I'm convinced that the new flat is actually quieter than the old one, even though it's also much louder at times.

Right now, the loudest thing in the flat is the chattering of the hard disks in the desktop and the laptop. Next is the laptop's fan that's just spun up, then the gentle hum of the fans in the desktop (those are actually quieter than the laptop!), and then the quiet airy whirr of the hard disk in the laptop.

That's it. No buzzing/rumbling of the always-on kitchen fan, no hum of the boiler pump, no ticking of a clock, no faint hum of the fans in Metis. All-electric heating is much quieter than traditional gas-fired central heating. The first two simply aren't present in the new flat, the clock has a flat battery, and Metis is in pieces :)

Outside is another matter, but the double glazing is remarkably effective at blocking the road noise. The trains can still be heard throughout the flat, but that's probably more from conduction through the ground itself than from through the air. And of course the works out front win with ease when they're running.

I know some of you have also moved since the last time I did this, so how does your new place compare to the previous one? What do you hear right now?

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