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And another game vanishes into the mists of time...

Completed OoT:Master Quest. The dungeons range from the easy (I cruised through the Dodongo's Cavern once I'd worked out where to start) to the downright evil (the Spirit Temple is full of nasties that ambush you). The bosses aren't any harder, so they were mostly easy. Dark Link's still evil, as always. And Gannondorf/Ganon was rather easy, after the work you have to do to get to him.

Next is Majora's Mask (wherin I'm ready to face Majora's Mask in it's various forms, with normal magic and about 8 hearts), and then I might as well complete Wind Waker. I just seem to be cruising through them at the moment.

On another note, as anyone else noticed how suspiciously similar the current episode of Stargate (Fallen 1) is to that of Star Wars: A New Hope? The trench seems vaguely familliar...

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