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I've got a video that I recorded the other day, direct from Freeview (DVB-T) using a TV card. Since it's a recording of the raw transmission the video stream is full of minor errors. This appears to hopelessly confuse MPEG-2 decoders:

InterVideo WinDVD: lots of dropped/scrambled frames, occassional outright time jumps
Windows Media Player: video freezes for long periods
RealPlayer: no video
VLC media player: video plays well, but is pixelated. Attempting to choose a different display method gives smooth video at about 2 frames per second.
Media Player Classic: much the same as WinDVD. Edit: it seems to have better timekeeping.

Conclusion: playing MPEG-2 videos using a computer is stupidly hard. Strange that my actual TV manages to handle the live stream with few problems.

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