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Cornwall 2009 photos

Bonus post!

These photos are from my holiday in Falmouth earlier this year. I stayed at Pendennis Castle - yes, really! The Custodian's House is inside the castle grounds.

Operation Chariot

From this harbour 622 sailors and commandos set sail for the successful raid on St. Nazaire 28th March 1942. 168 were killed. 5 Victoria Crosses were awarded.

View from the castle

It was a rather damp holiday, with the second day alternating between glorious sunshine and heavy downpours. This was taken during a short gap in the rain.

Castle heights

From the top of Pendennis Castle, looking north-east.

Pendennis Castle

Looking up at the castle.

The new Maritime Museum

The new Maritime Museum. Last time I was in Falmouth, the museum was a curious odd thing hidden behind the high street, jammed full of nautical history and exhibits. A few years ago they moved to a new development on the seafront.

Sailing boats

These small model boats actually sail! The vents on the right blow across the surface of the water, and you remotely control the rudder and tightening/loosening the sail.

Reversible canoe

This curious canoe is designed to sail in both directions. You sail with the outrigger downwind, and to tack you shift the sail from one end of the boat to the other and start travelling in the opposite direction. A normal boat always has the bow at the front - this one has two bows and no stern!

St Mawes Castle

A rather washed-out photo of St Mawes castle (I blame the camera, this was taken on full auto). Unfortuantly the castle was open friday to monday, and this was wednesday.

Evening coast

There's something about the wonderful reddish-gold colour you get in the evening.


The giant biomes of the Eden Project. The Project itself is built in a disued quarry. The central set of hexagonal panels forms the Rainforest biome, with the Mediterrain biome to the right. In the lower-right area is WEEE Man, a figure constructed out of all the electrical equipment an average person will throw away in their lifetime.

DANGER: Industrial Plant

Common Name: Industrial Flame Plant
Plant Family: FLAMACEAE
Latin Name: Industrialis carbonarius var. sordidus
Most varieties of the genus Industrialis extract energy stored in fossilized plant remains from ancient forests.
Industrial plants convert raw materials into an astonishing variety of useful products and harmful emissions.
Widespread over planting causes environmental damage and climatic changes.
Vidi cultum: David Kemp, August 2001

Mysterious gardens

It felt like I was in the game Myst.

Mediterranean biome

Inside the Mediterranean biome. The birds in here were amazingly tame, and will eat out of your hand.

Rainforest biome

Entering the rainforest biome (cue Crystal Maze theme). The humidity and temperature in here was such that the water vapour was condensing on the lens of my camera.


Up high at the back of the biome was a waterfall feeding a stream. The bridge just in front of this is a very nice place to stand – you can feel the spray from the waterfall and it does a great job at cooling you down.

Silent statue

A metal figure, hauling on a rope.

Pendennis at night

Pendennis Castle at night. Taken from within the grounds, with the camera balanced on a handy information board.

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