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Today I discovered the following:

If the KVM isn't set to my Redhat Linux desktop when it starts, then it misdetects the monitor and decides that it is only capable of 800x600. Not unreasonable, but rather annoying.

KDE does not have an equivalent of the Windows "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display" checkbox. Instead KDE only shows modes that it thinks the monitor is capable of, and provides no way to override this in KDE's desktop properties.

Using the display properties to explicitly force the monitor type to "LCD, 1280x1024" requires logging out and back in.

Changing the resolution using the same program requires logging out and back in.

Yes, I have ranted about similar before. Except this time I wasn't running an unusual multi-monitor setup and I wasn't running from a LiveCD.
Tags: linux, nablopomo, rant

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