Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Bonus NaBloPoMo post

I managed to crash my TV earlier today.

I switched on the N64 to play some Wipeout, held down power on the remote to turn on the TV, sat back, and then wondered why the TV hadn't powered up. So I look at it, and just see the power led flashing once every couple of seconds. "That's odd", I think, and I hold down the power button again for a couple of seconds (this model needs the button on the remote held down for a bit to turn on). The LED on the TV flickers like it should, but when I let go of the button it goes out completely. Strange.

This TV runs Linux internally (judging by a GPL hidden somewhere in the menus, and some source code on a related website), so I can only guess that the Linux kernel has actually crashed.

I suppose it is a sign of how advanced modern technology has become.
Tags: nablopomo, tv, wtf

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